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Bionge Animal Health Pakistan (The VETTMAX) is a veterinary medicines Company established in 2022 with the collaboration of Biogen Pharma Pakistan. Company is fully committed to provide innovative and quality solutions for the problems of poultry and dairy farmers. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, Biogen Animal Health has established deep routed relations and repute in the Poultry and Dairy industry not only Pakistan but Afghanistan within a shortest period. Acting with integrity, ethics and remaining steadfast in our values, we continue our effort to contribute to the development of the Pak economy by producing innovative high quality products. Our products and innovation are at the heart of our business model. Our purpose is to support customers with products, which are addressed to every budget and stand out for their quality. At the same time, we provide solutions to any problems faced by customers. For us, the essence of the work lies in the partnerships we "build" with our partners by constantly exploring with them, the needs and "wants" of consumers. By developing this relationship, we lay a solid foundation for stable continuity and growth Currently we are engaged with apart from Biogen Pharma also different renowned International Manufacturers of Veterinary medicines, feed additives.

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