DMG stands for Diversified Marketing Group. It is a Pakistan-based company that has been operating in the veterinary industry since 2002. The company is focused on providing innovative ideas and concepts to help overcome the challenges faced by farmers and other stakeholders in the animal health and productivity sector.

The poultry and dairy markets are significant segments of the Pakistani economy. The poultry market is the 4th largest in the world, and the dairy market is the 5th largest. However, both markets face numerous challenges related to animal health and production processes.

DMG introduces modern concepts and products to farmers and other stakeholders in the poultry and dairy markets. These products and concepts help to improve animal health and productivity, which in turn leads to increased production and profitability for farmers.

Pakistan has a large population that is deficient in animal protein. DMG helps to bridge this gap by providing products and services that help farmers increase their production of animal protein.

DMG is committed to continuing to provide innovative products and services to the veterinary industry of Pakistan. The company is also looking to expand its reach into new markets.